Monday, September 26, 2005


A professor working under a Hartford research grant was mauled to death by this Gorilla (Note:  The gorilla image is a drawing of a painting of a photo of another drawing used to illustrate an image from the mind of a gorilla observer.) while he was trying to determine its intelligence. The only evidence of what happened is on this partial tape recording:

Prof: Okay, what letter comes after Q?
Gorilla: Arrrr!
Prof: Okay, good. Now talk like a Pirate.
Gorilla: Arrrrr!
Prof: Great, now what do you say when Jennifer Lopez walks into the room?
Gorilla: Ooo Ooo.
Prof: Terrific, good job.
Gorilla: Hey!
Prof: Excuse me? What did you say? Did you say Hey? Say it again!
Gorilla: (silence)
Prof: Common, say it again for the tape, say HEY!
Gorilla: (silence)
Prof: SAY HEY!
Gorilla: (silence)
Gorilla: ARRRRRRRRG !! [SLAM! BAM! click*]


HOW said...

OK, so if I wasn't suicidal last week (from abandonment issues), I sure as hell will be this week. Oh my God. . .you and AWG/MM in the same day? I honestly don't know how much more I can handle!!! Now, what did I do with my therapist's phone number???
P.S. Gonna miss you! Thanks for all the funny posts, and support! You're a true friend!

Billy said...

I think the gorilla was smarter than the professor.

Colleen said...

Too funny. :) *smile*

I'll miss your *many* posts... but I understand.

Work can take up a lot of time.

dawn said...

eek, that gorilla is funky looking. its ok vince, but it sux when work gets in the way of hobbies-especially blogging :0

Steve said...

The way I see it is this, you can post everyday or you can post when you feel like it. I post when I feel like it. It can take days or 1 or 2 a day come or ??? I had a reader actually tell me I wasn't posting enough. Forget that... I'd rather post substance, though even that is hard...

You'll be off Monday's to posting whenever in a few weeks, trust me. This crap sucks you in when you get readers... Of course, I spend more time commenting on Bring It On sometimes than my blog but I type really fast, so hey... whatever Right??

Vince said...

Thanks y'all.

I think Steve is right, I'm going to do whatever I want. And post whenever I want. (right now I want Monday's but who knows?)

So then, anyway, now I'm gonna get a whopper, shake, tacos and a coke.


Anonymous said...

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madman said...

I decided to do a weekly post also! Your post will have to be 7 times more funny DUDE!

HOW said...

Is it Monday yet????

Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

I think it is really funny how that anonymous blogger spammed you with **keyword** as the item he found interesting. What a moron...

Dude, tomorrow is like Wednesday which means Monday was like a day ago which means like your missing the deadline for Monday posts. Of course, you probably took my advice and didn't feel like it.

Vince said...

madman--good news...Hey, who made that rule?

HOW--It's all one long day...

Steve--time flys man...But you do have some good advice.