Thursday, December 28, 2006

Season of Angels

Angel by Svenstorm on flickr
I could not find the infamous invisible flying plant in Australia. But I found a pub that served beer, bangers and mash, and kangaroo meat. And I found a Catholic Church with a huge stone Angel. All I could think of was how Divine she looked, and how ironic it would be if she fell on me and killed me—“Man killed by an Angel”

So that gave me an idea for a new mission—to search for a real Angel.

So I’m leaving for Singapore tomorrow to sin. I figure that ought to attract an Angel or two—you know, to try to save me from sin.

If I don't catch an Angel in two weeks, then I’m going to Paris to sin. If still no Angel, then I’m off to Rome and the Vatican (there’s gotta be Angels around there.) If still no Angel, I'll go chill in Ireland and settle for a Leprechaun. I won’t be back until April next year, so I’ll let everyone know what happens when I get back.

Have a nice New Year!