Monday, December 24, 2012

Mind over Reading

Try this:

  • Read this sentence silently to yourself.

  • Notice that when you read, you are more likely sub-vocalizing. That is, there is a voice in your head, usually resembling your own voice, that pronounces the words as you read. I will call this our 'default voice'.

  • If you don't hear the sub-vocalization, then you may be dyslexic or have some other disorder. Or, if you are speed-reading properly and rapidly, this sub-vocalization will be minimized. That is, you may only hear a couple words per sentence or something.
    What book clubs are reading in Seattle by brewbooks on flickr

  • But this is not about speed-reading, this is about reading with normal speeds like you would when reading a good novel.
I just want to share a way to actively enhance the enjoyment of reading. You probably already do it to an extent, but let's make sure:
  • Recall having read a dialog in a novel where two characters had an interesting accent, and they were of different gender.

  • Have you ever noticed that you can change your inner default voice to match that of the characters? Like you will hear your inner sub-vocalizations in a totally different voice, and with the appropriate accent?
Well, it doesn't matter if you have or not. It just matters that you can! You can actively change your default voice any time you want and thus enhance your reading experience--I'm just writing this because I could not find anyone on the Web who has talked about doing this.

Like right now as I write this, I am using a very sexy female voice with a British accent. And now, I'm using a 17 year old girl voice of a singer I saw on T.V. (I hope I don't get in trouble for this.) Okay, I just threw in a Tarzan holler straight from my mind for some reason.

The point is, I just started to actively do this. (FYI: the British girl is back.) No one has ever informed me of this! That I can do this not only in dialog, but anytime I want. I can't believe I spent my whole life, settling for my stupid, boring default sub-vocalization!

It was kind of hard to do at first, because I found myself reverting back to my default voice, but now that I had a little more practice, I'm getting much betta at retaining my British gil accent, fa example. Oops, haha spelling.

Anyway, I'm having a lot more fun reading now, and excited to share another way to harness the power of our minds to enhance one more part of our lives.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dark Matter and Ordinary Matter

Some guy asked me which was more important, Dark Matter or Ordinary Matter? I told him it doesn't matter.

The Galaxy of Stars by kudumomo on flickr
I got to this conclusion from reading about physics on the internet. Dark Matter is basically some kind of Cosmic energy we can't even see, while Ordinary Matter is, well, I'm not sure what it is anymore. Things are changing out there man. Here are some of the ideas from my readings that I remember:
  1. Since all electrons are identical, maybe there is just one electron, and it moves around so fast it seems that it is everywhere. (wow)
  2. We live in a hologram, so every bit of information is stored in every bit of information. This means that everything we see--like even the mustard that dripped on my shirt-- holds all the information the universe has and will ever contain. (wow)
  3. There are no such things as atoms and molecules. We are all just bits in a computer simulation. (hella wow)
  4. There is actually no such thing as time or distance. What happens here, also happens across the infinite universe at the same time, because everything is one and the same. (that's faster than light man, or is it?)
  5. There is no such thing as multi-universes, in fact, there is no universe. (uh, okay)

So how can we use this information practically? Here are a few things that come to mind:
  1. One electron moving that fast eh? Well, it's gotta make waves right? Electromagnetic waves and such. So everything our brains allow us to experience are just our mind's interpretation of different frequencies of energy waves that our physical eyeballs can detect for perhaps the purpose to do something productive with. Cool. I'm going to eat a piece of cake now and enjoy my one electron thought that eating the cake is actually cannibalizing myself. And then I will flush my remainder down a dirty toilet bowl. Very entertaining.
  2. Hologram theory is a good one. If I hold all the wisdom of the universe right within me, then I'm going to start tapping into that knowledge to heal myself, starting with my grey hairs. Maybe get some of my one electron hair dye to help out. Very useful.
  3. Bits in a simulation eh? Well I've already kinda tapped into this thought by becoming somewhat an expert at lucid dreaming. But I've never been able to meet up with another mind while Lucid dreaming, or maybe it's the same mind anyway right? And that's what we have online video games for anyways, and this is who we are and what we must do baby. Play video games, this is life man.
  4. No time or distance huh? This is really something we can use. I mean I just spent $20 today driving around. Imagine tapping in to the knowledge that we actually never go anywhere. That distance does not exist. Imagine how much gas money we can save!
  5. No Universe? Lonely thought, but thank GOD for that one electron. It's doing a great job. We can learn from this thing. If we can catch it, and study it, maybe we can convince it to create a universe for us. We can use it to store all our new data, make more holograms, and play even more video games.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love and Life

Angel by bl0ndeeo2 on flickr
When we pray for someone, we send them an energized reminder of love. When we pray for ourselves, we attract an energized reminder of love. When we love, we don't need a reminder, because we become one with love.

Sometimes life requires us to focus on everyday tasks and issues, but love does not go away, it is always there.

What does love require us to do? Nothing. Because love is always there.

Life is not always there. But it can be, if we love and become one with love. Because love is always there.     

Friday, December 14, 2012

What makes the World Beautiful?

I've lived in a variety of places. Tropical forest locations, desert locations, 'in the woods', cities, and by the ocean. I got to travel 33 countries and 48 states. Each place offered untold wonders and beauties. I'm talking about sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch. Each place was different and almost alien as if in a small world of its own.

The people were different, the weather was different, the sights, smells, sounds and tastes were different, even the plants, insects, fish, birds and animals were different.

But everywhere I went I saw beauty, and more than that, with all the five senses working together I felt the beauty. And every place had it's own energy. I could feel it. Even alone in the woods, I would feel the energy, and somehow knew I was not alone, life was all around me.

So is it Life that makes the World beautiful? I don't think that is exactly correct. I've been places where there were just dead things around. Like in a lifeless cave, or in a room alone, in a museum full of dead things. But it was still beautiful.

In these places, and alone, I felt a beautiful energy around me. Energy from non-living things. Or was the energy from me, because I was alive and I was there. Was it my observation and feeling that created the beauty?

So is it our Minds that make the World beautiful? Because my mind was the one thing in common with all these places. But I still don't think that is exactly correct, that our minds make the World beautiful.

I think it's that energy that I always feel, that is responsible. The energy makes the World beautiful.

So I submit my “Bumper Car Theory.” A bumper car becomes alive when connected to an electrical grid. In our World, this grid is everywhere, and penetrates everything. This beautiful feeling I've felt even when alone, this beautiful energy I feel, is love. Love powers everything. Love is what makes the World beautiful. I like this perspective. Done, now I'm just going to have a glass of wine and switch back into automatic life mode...(I can't believe I wrote this, I was gonna write something about bats.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I think everyone who has a voice ought to take voice lessons. It ought to be taught in school continuously. It ought to be free. I wanna take voice lessons and my voice is like not that attractive, but I still wanna share it, who knows someone may like it.

So all seven billion of us ought to develop our voices, create a song and post it on YouTube, and post it on our seven billion Websites that we also ought to have. Seven billion unique wonderful songs with our recorded beautiful voices.

Did you know if we do the math using an average of three minute song length, and if we were to listen to the songs 24/7, it would take around 40,000 years to get through them all? That's a lot of love we have going on right now. A lot of beautiful voices.

Monday, December 10, 2012

ESP: Minds and Dreams

We can all grasp the idea that our dreams are just in our minds. And we can also grasp that our minds are also in our dreams, especially with Lucid dreaming.
Now consider the blind-from-birth person whose visual aspect to dreams are totally missing. They can hear, feel, taste and smell in their dreams, but they can also 'sense' that someone is in their dream too.
What is this 'sense'? Perhaps the remnants of some early instinctual function, maybe a combination of senses working together on their own to provide warning signals. Like when our hairs stand on end when we 'sense' danger is lurking.
Well, whether it be intuition, instinct or some combination, or whether this 'sense' is dreamed or in the physical world, this 'sense' is indeed an Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) because it may not always originate from stimuli from our five senses. So now we can grasp that we ALL have ESP.
More on ESP: My mom is known for her clairvoyant and telekinesis abilities. She 'knows' when her friends are in danger from miles away, and has moved and broken objects with her mind. As for myself, I just dwell in the realm of OBE and precognition, like I leave my body and see the future and past. My sister is like, well, I'm not even going to go into what she does...
The point is that all these fancy definitions and categories of ESP all lead to one thing, and that is that EVERYTHING is inter-connected! Specifically; infinite variations of distance, people, objects, minds, dreams, and time. Everything is one!
I do have a feeling that we all have wonderful minds and dream constantly even while awake AND that dreams themselves are a form of ESP. I do have an idea that we all may have a latent power of ESP that may be held back by our instinctual ESP. And because I believe humanity is still in its adolescence our ESP won't be fully developed until we can handle the responsibility that comes with its power. Actually, it's like we don't even want that power yet, like we are having too much fun with what we have, we don't even want that responsibility until we absolutely have to do it for survival.
Or maybe we all already had that power once in time, and chose to collectively suppress it, because it just takes all the fun out of life. Like who really needs ESP to see the future, move objects, read minds, and leave the body and such. That's what dreams are for.
Or maybe ESP is obsolete, because now we have love. Love may be the second generation of ESP. Love may be what we are here to master.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Life is in Our Minds and in Our Dreams

Okay the following is stupid right?  But I'm keeping it in my blog.  I'm not going to censor my thoughts  because this is my blog and I can do anything here, hahaha.  Yeah I feel liberated man!  That said, I will try to keep it interesting, after all I seem to be the only one around here, I might as well entertain myself with fun stuff while I spend time around here...

I like the idea that everything we see is just in our minds, translated from our eyes as vibrational wave frequencies (Vibes) into images we can relate too.  So what we 'see' is actually just our minds translation of Vibrational Energy (Vibes) into images we relate to as being actually out there.  This or course means nothing we see is actually real, and only a translation for our minds eye.  Right?    

Get it?  Everything we see is just what our minds tell us to see based on mere signals from our optic nerves.  So life's wonders are a total creation of our minds and dreams, based on or five senses.  

And we have more than five senses--Specifically ESP or sixth sense.  This we all have, but are reluctant to utilize, why?

Perhaps because it brings us closer to a truth we don't want to experience.  A truth where love is obsolete.  I mean, who would seek love in a place where love is all there is?

Friday, November 16, 2012


When I was 18 years old, I read a comic called "Doctor Strange" and I wanted to Astral Project like he did. So I did, on like my third try. All I did was go to bed with the desire to Astral Project, actually focusing only on this thought until I fell asleep. This was a BIG deal and changed my life. Because the feeling of being Out of Body for me is always accompanied by a full body Vibration that scares the heck out of me. It feels like my entire body is surging with powerful vibrating waves of energy.

Yeah after thousands of OBE's I've done pretty much all the things the books on the subject talk about. Because I just try what the books say and it happens. Like even when I doubted I can Vibrate and float while awake, I just tried it and it worked.

But I wanna think of other things before I go to sleep, so I kinda don't even Vibe anymore unless I just want to prove to myself I still can do it, or if my subconcious somehow triggers it. Part of me believes that there is no real value to Vibes, that it is all basically just a state of mind in my brain.

But another part of me somehow knows it is a key to healing. After-all, in this state, I feel no emotional or physical pain until I can physically move again. I say 'physically move' because most of the time the Vibes wake up my consciousness, but not my physical body. This tendency is actually my gateway to Lucid Dreaming which is such a magnificant thing in my life, I'll have to figure how to take volumns of fun stories and condense it to a decent Blog length.

So back to the healing. I believe the Vibes are always there in all of us whether we can 'feel' it or not. I can imagine it as the energy fabric of all space and matter. And with it's infinte reaches and power, we can all use it to heal ourselves. All we have to do is want it to, and spend a little time focusing on increasing its surge on things that are out of balance like pain, disease, and bad thoughts such as anger and grief.

Yeah, I've done the healing thing (another story), and probably would not be here without it. I wanna do some cosmetic work on myself, and need work on serious issues as I age, but all that focusing takes, well, work. And I don't have time right now. So I've experienced these healing miracles, yet I'd rather write this Blog instead of applying more of it??? Someone slap me in the face and wake me up!

I must not wanna be rich

So yeah I knew what the lotto numbers were gonna be once.

I did not get a ticket, but decided to 'guess' the numbers as I watched the ball machine on T.V. for the draw. I not only got all the numbers correct, but I guessed the numbers in order of each ball dropped seconds before they dropped. Not only that, but the angle of each ball (sideways, upside down etc.) landed in exactly the position as how I imagined them to fall.

That was years ago, I've never had the desire to try that again. I don't really know why?

When I was 8 years old, I had a dream that came true to the exact detail a couple weeks later. I think I thought that was normal and just thought it was 'neat'. But now after dreaming hundreds of dreams that came true at a later time (sometimes years), I have no choice but to believe past, present, and future are somehow interconnected in inexplicable ways. I include past because I've seen the past in dreams. For example, I dreamed of playing in a mansion of a house. Years later I found myself in this same house in Rhode Island on a 'Mansion tour'. It was the exact same Mansion as I dreamed about to the detail. I knew that the exhibit room was originally the playroom where I played as a kid in my dream and confirmed that with the tour guide. And I knew the Mansion next door, and the room that now sat a field trip of school kids was originally a room for adults to drink and eat, and the kitchen part was still there too. So in one 'present' dream, I saw both the past (how the Mansion originally was), and the future ( physically being in the same Mansion of my dream years after I dreamed it.

Seeing the future/past like this amazes me, but at the same time, I'm not too exited about it, and don't know what to do with it. Maybe it has become 'normal' to me like when I was 8, or maybe since I don't know anyone with similar experiences, I just don't know how to relate to this, and I don't apply it to my 'real' life at all!