Sunday, August 28, 2005

Budapest: New rules for women

BUDAPEST (AFP) - A district mayor in Budapest Hungary proposed a new code of ‘appearance’ for City Hall employees under which only women with "pretty legs" can wear short skirts. The European Union hopes to adopt this policy for their New World Order.

Also under the new law, the girl on the right would be suspended from work until she can make herself more attractive.

This girl would be put on probation until she can gain 4 pounds, and lose the boyfriend.

And this girl would be sacked without severance and immediately placed into quarantine.

(Note:  Due to the banning of depicting anything that looks real at this time, please use these drawings as a guideline for your personal imagery.) 


madman said...

I think I will like the New Wold!

Colleen said...

That picture of Hillary almost made me lose my lunch! hahaha.

Billy said...

That is one *strange* Hillary picture.

Vince said...

I actually took a picture of myself imitating that Hillary pic. But I won't post it--Too embarrassing because I look just liker her.

percys world said...

god shes so
percy. ba208

BipolarPrincess said...