Monday, August 15, 2005

China wants the U.S. out of Asia

China and Russia join forces and announce solidarity against the U.S.--Russia and China will hold their first ever joint military exercises this week as the once wary neighbors demonstrate their willingness to cooperate in the face of the U.S. military presence in Central Asia.

Bush immediately responds by re-deploying 16 commandos from Iraq to Okinawa in a pre-empted show of force. “The United States will not be intimidated. We have allies too. We still have Britain, and Italy, and um, Tonga.”

Howard Dean in an unofficial show of respect for China makes an emotional appeal for China to allow the U.S. time to disarm its citizens. “Not all Americans want to obstruct your goal for Asian Domination in the Pacific. As a token of the real American’s submissive stance, I honor the Chinese Prime Minister with this helpless cat.” —Ironically, the Chinese Prime Minister was humiliated when the cat arrived dead from massive spinal injuries and a ruptured eardrum.

(Note:  Due to the BAN on visual aids on this topic, all illustrations depicted here are invisible.  Please use your imagination.)

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