Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Philosophy Gone Mad

A Liberal, Conservative and a Wiseman meet on a mountain top to discuss the Secret of World Peace…

Liberal: So what’s the secret of world peace?
Wiseman: The secret lies in the philosophical definition of a Liberal. And it is the Liberal who holds the power to unlock it.
Conservative: So what’s the philosophical definition of a Liberal?

Wiseman: A Liberal is a progressive who chooses the losing end of arguments because the Conservative is too ignorant to do so.
Liberal: But that does not make any sense?
Wiseman: Precisely.
Conservative: But I don’t know what you mean?
Wiseman: Exactly.
Liberal: This is a stupid discussion, you’re wasting my time. I’m outta here. (The Liberal backs down and leaves the mountain. )
Conservative: Wait, I think I am getting it…The Conservatives already use the secret, so are on the winning end of arguments, but don’t know why? Right?
Wiseman: Correct.

Conservative: So tell me why?
Wiseman: Wrong question.
Conservative: Well, uh, tell me what the secret is?
Wiseman: Right question, but the Conservative already uses the secret, and merely revealing what is already used, won’t impact the progression of World Peace. As I said, the Liberal holds the power to unlock it.
Conservative: So it’s the Liberal who needs to know the secret?

Wiseman: Precisely.
Conservative: But he’s not here!
Wiseman: Exactly…

Learn the Secret of
World Peace here.


madman said...

I hope you don't mind if I add you to my Blog Guide next weekend!

Vince said...

That would be cool, my first link from another site--Looks like you are giving my Blog another push up Thanks!

I like partying at your Blog better, I’m not that good a host right now. Your Blog and thousands of others serve beer and fun, and I just have a bowl of fruit and some word games. But who knows, if Bloggers get drunk enough, maybe some will straggle past my Blog if they know how to get here—Thanks again!