Saturday, December 08, 2012

Life is in Our Minds and in Our Dreams

Okay the following is stupid right?  But I'm keeping it in my blog.  I'm not going to censor my thoughts  because this is my blog and I can do anything here, hahaha.  Yeah I feel liberated man!  That said, I will try to keep it interesting, after all I seem to be the only one around here, I might as well entertain myself with fun stuff while I spend time around here...

I like the idea that everything we see is just in our minds, translated from our eyes as vibrational wave frequencies (Vibes) into images we can relate too.  So what we 'see' is actually just our minds translation of Vibrational Energy (Vibes) into images we relate to as being actually out there.  This or course means nothing we see is actually real, and only a translation for our minds eye.  Right?    

Get it?  Everything we see is just what our minds tell us to see based on mere signals from our optic nerves.  So life's wonders are a total creation of our minds and dreams, based on or five senses.  

And we have more than five senses--Specifically ESP or sixth sense.  This we all have, but are reluctant to utilize, why?

Perhaps because it brings us closer to a truth we don't want to experience.  A truth where love is obsolete.  I mean, who would seek love in a place where love is all there is?

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Wow, heavy!