Friday, December 14, 2012

What makes the World Beautiful?

I've lived in a variety of places. Tropical forest locations, desert locations, 'in the woods', cities, and by the ocean. I got to travel 33 countries and 48 states. Each place offered untold wonders and beauties. I'm talking about sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch. Each place was different and almost alien as if in a small world of its own.

The people were different, the weather was different, the sights, smells, sounds and tastes were different, even the plants, insects, fish, birds and animals were different.

But everywhere I went I saw beauty, and more than that, with all the five senses working together I felt the beauty. And every place had it's own energy. I could feel it. Even alone in the woods, I would feel the energy, and somehow knew I was not alone, life was all around me.

So is it Life that makes the World beautiful? I don't think that is exactly correct. I've been places where there were just dead things around. Like in a lifeless cave, or in a room alone, in a museum full of dead things. But it was still beautiful.

In these places, and alone, I felt a beautiful energy around me. Energy from non-living things. Or was the energy from me, because I was alive and I was there. Was it my observation and feeling that created the beauty?

So is it our Minds that make the World beautiful? Because my mind was the one thing in common with all these places. But I still don't think that is exactly correct, that our minds make the World beautiful.

I think it's that energy that I always feel, that is responsible. The energy makes the World beautiful.

So I submit my “Bumper Car Theory.” A bumper car becomes alive when connected to an electrical grid. In our World, this grid is everywhere, and penetrates everything. This beautiful feeling I've felt even when alone, this beautiful energy I feel, is love. Love powers everything. Love is what makes the World beautiful. I like this perspective. Done, now I'm just going to have a glass of wine and switch back into automatic life mode...(I can't believe I wrote this, I was gonna write something about bats.)

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