Friday, November 16, 2012


When I was 18 years old, I read a comic called "Doctor Strange" and I wanted to Astral Project like he did. So I did, on like my third try. All I did was go to bed with the desire to Astral Project, actually focusing only on this thought until I fell asleep. This was a BIG deal and changed my life. Because the feeling of being Out of Body for me is always accompanied by a full body Vibration that scares the heck out of me. It feels like my entire body is surging with powerful vibrating waves of energy.

Yeah after thousands of OBE's I've done pretty much all the things the books on the subject talk about. Because I just try what the books say and it happens. Like even when I doubted I can Vibrate and float while awake, I just tried it and it worked.

But I wanna think of other things before I go to sleep, so I kinda don't even Vibe anymore unless I just want to prove to myself I still can do it, or if my subconcious somehow triggers it. Part of me believes that there is no real value to Vibes, that it is all basically just a state of mind in my brain.

But another part of me somehow knows it is a key to healing. After-all, in this state, I feel no emotional or physical pain until I can physically move again. I say 'physically move' because most of the time the Vibes wake up my consciousness, but not my physical body. This tendency is actually my gateway to Lucid Dreaming which is such a magnificant thing in my life, I'll have to figure how to take volumns of fun stories and condense it to a decent Blog length.

So back to the healing. I believe the Vibes are always there in all of us whether we can 'feel' it or not. I can imagine it as the energy fabric of all space and matter. And with it's infinte reaches and power, we can all use it to heal ourselves. All we have to do is want it to, and spend a little time focusing on increasing its surge on things that are out of balance like pain, disease, and bad thoughts such as anger and grief.

Yeah, I've done the healing thing (another story), and probably would not be here without it. I wanna do some cosmetic work on myself, and need work on serious issues as I age, but all that focusing takes, well, work. And I don't have time right now. So I've experienced these healing miracles, yet I'd rather write this Blog instead of applying more of it??? Someone slap me in the face and wake me up!


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