Monday, December 10, 2012

ESP: Minds and Dreams

We can all grasp the idea that our dreams are just in our minds. And we can also grasp that our minds are also in our dreams, especially with Lucid dreaming.
Now consider the blind-from-birth person whose visual aspect to dreams are totally missing. They can hear, feel, taste and smell in their dreams, but they can also 'sense' that someone is in their dream too.
What is this 'sense'? Perhaps the remnants of some early instinctual function, maybe a combination of senses working together on their own to provide warning signals. Like when our hairs stand on end when we 'sense' danger is lurking.
Well, whether it be intuition, instinct or some combination, or whether this 'sense' is dreamed or in the physical world, this 'sense' is indeed an Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) because it may not always originate from stimuli from our five senses. So now we can grasp that we ALL have ESP.
More on ESP: My mom is known for her clairvoyant and telekinesis abilities. She 'knows' when her friends are in danger from miles away, and has moved and broken objects with her mind. As for myself, I just dwell in the realm of OBE and precognition, like I leave my body and see the future and past. My sister is like, well, I'm not even going to go into what she does...
The point is that all these fancy definitions and categories of ESP all lead to one thing, and that is that EVERYTHING is inter-connected! Specifically; infinite variations of distance, people, objects, minds, dreams, and time. Everything is one!
I do have a feeling that we all have wonderful minds and dream constantly even while awake AND that dreams themselves are a form of ESP. I do have an idea that we all may have a latent power of ESP that may be held back by our instinctual ESP. And because I believe humanity is still in its adolescence our ESP won't be fully developed until we can handle the responsibility that comes with its power. Actually, it's like we don't even want that power yet, like we are having too much fun with what we have, we don't even want that responsibility until we absolutely have to do it for survival.
Or maybe we all already had that power once in time, and chose to collectively suppress it, because it just takes all the fun out of life. Like who really needs ESP to see the future, move objects, read minds, and leave the body and such. That's what dreams are for.
Or maybe ESP is obsolete, because now we have love. Love may be the second generation of ESP. Love may be what we are here to master.

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