Sunday, July 02, 2006


When men watch women’s sports, they always end up thinking of sex. It’s because a woman exudes sex. Instead of wearing baggy shorts to play tennis, they wear short skirts with a cut-out to exhibit the private area.

When women play volleyball, they wear shorts that are shorter than the gloves I use to ride my motorcycle, and tighter than the gasket hugging my V8 engine block.

Sometimes I just want to see sports. If I wanted sex to show up in sports, let me see some size Zero models wearing high heel tennis shoes play badminton or croquet.


Erin O'Brien said...


What the eff is going on here?


Next ErinCam! will feature me nude with a tennis racket!

Uh ... nah.

Vince said...

erin--no racket or nudity needed. Just show up in your Hand Ball outfit, and I'll be there!

RocksAndChairs said...

i don't quite understand the whole skankiness of sports attire for women i certainly don't wear shit like that...i want to be comfortable not pretty when i'm playing sports.

Vince said...

Rock--Yeah, but men will find women pretty no matter how they dress, even in full Hockey garb. I think women are just cursed. They're always in the spotlight the moment they step out of their house. An instant celebrity. While men can hide in a fog of obscurity and have more fun.

RocksAndChairs said...

lol let's clarify...the HOT women are in the spotlight....with that point i do agree with you. must be annoying for those chicks. but whatever least they're not ugly

Vince said...

Rock--What do you mean 'those' women? I saw your pic on MM's blog. You're one of them. You probably just don't flaunt it--which is even Hotter! Those Canadian guys must be either very clever or shy if you haven't noticed their gawking. You're in the spotlight alright. Probably with more secret fans that that cut skirt tennis player.

Jozee said...

Funny, tennis used to have the stricest rules for attire. Obviously the designers of this sportswear attire are having a field day here.

As you pointed out, Vince, women are spotlighted even if they're wearing a peachbasket on their head and a dress made from sack cloth.

Clearly, a young woman as beautiful and nubile as this needs no visual lines to draw attention to her crotch.

My conclusion would be, contractual obligation to wear the product and irresponsible design on the maker's part.

Vince said...

Hi Josie, you know men pretty well. The sack cloth dress is one of our favorite fantasies. And the peach basket is a plus!

PDD said...

I used to think about what the figure skaters vagina looked like when I was a child. I am serious.