Thursday, July 13, 2006

Interview: Chief Dark Cloud

Chief by visivo.manila on flickr
Vince: What makes you happy?
Chief: My people, and their freedom.
Vince: What do you think of George Bush?
Chief: He is a Chief without a people.
Vince: How do you lead your people?
Chief: I listen. And speak from my heart.
Vince: And they listen to you?
Chief: My heart is their heart.
Vince: So what does that mean? How does that solve their problems?
Chief: If they follow their heart, their problems will be solved.
Vince: What if they have hatred in their hearts?
Chief: A heart big enough for hatred is a heart big enough for love.
Vince: What if they’re ignorant?
Chief: Knowledge is not the purpose of our hearts.
Vince: So what is the purpose of our hearts?
Chief: Listen to your heart, and it will show you the answer.
Vince: How about lawyers? What do you think of them?
Chief: Everything has a purpose.
Vince: How about women, do you have a woman?
Chief: To be had is not their purpose.
Vince: I see you have a Battle Axe. Will you use it to protect your land?
Chief: I use it to kill. The land does not need us, or our protection.
Vince: Why would you kill?
Chief: To survive.
Vince: Would you kill for revenge?
Chief: I kill to survive.
Vince: If I kick you in the balls. Would you find love in your heart and forgive me?
Chief: I will receive your gift. And in return I’ll let you feel the steel of my Battle Axe, and give you a taste of your own freshly cut balls.
Vince: You wouldn’t really cut off my balls would you?
Chief: You wouldn’t really kick me in the balls would you?
Vince: Okay, ah in closing, one final question: We know you are a fierce warrior, respectable leader, and fabulous dresser; but are you good in bed?
Chief: Is there a woman who loves you?
Vince: Yes of course, why?
Chief: Then bring her to me tonight. And if she rides with me tomorrow, then I must be damn good.


Erin O'Brien said...

I'm loving your guests of late, baby. Would hate to go through airport security with that pierced guy, though.


PDD said...


Barbara Walters would like to have a go with Chief Dark Cloud. She told me herself over the phone. Anderson Cooper is giving her a hard time because he wants a go with Chief Dark Cloud first. They are in battle over the chief. Dr. Phil wants him on his show, but only if he has any child memories of triumph and battling any kind of bulge, particularly the kind that he found late one night in front of his face. Yes, Dr. Phil likes to discuss these kinds of things.

Please have his people contact my people.

Colleen said...

"Vince: If I kick you in the balls. Would you find love in your heart and forgive me?
Chief: I will receive your gift. And in return I’ll let you feel the steel of my Battle Axe, and give you a taste of your own freshly cut balls."

Oh my God. You are hysterical Vince!!! If I were a man reading this I'd probably cringe a little... but being a female... the thought of a guy getting whacked in the balls is always funny. I'm not sure why... but it is! Sorry, just being honest.

Vince, I read your most recent comment on my blog and I replied to it. You might want to check it out. :)

Jozee said...

I like a man that keeps a girl in the morning.

Denny Shane said...

Great interview! Almost as if I were sitting in the same room, or maybe as a fly on the wall.

Very wise man and I loved his last statement!! lol

Good job Vince!

Denny Shane said...

By then way Vince... I've inducted you into the Not So Normal Members of the Not So Normal Club on my blog. I also stole your picture to add to the gallery as well! lol

PDD said...


Vince said...

Erin—Yeah, and what’s worse, the guy can’t go ANYWHERE without his cannon balls.

Pdd—Chief Dark Cloud is hard to find. I’ll see what I can do. But we’ll need to keep Dr. Phil away from him. For Dr. Phil’s own safety.

Colleen—Regarding “a guy getting whacked in the balls is always funny.” –I guess it’s safe to say men will Never understand women… And thank you so much –I sent you an email J

Josie—Yup, the Chief is a standup guy. And he can accessorize!

Denny—You are welcome to attend my next interview. Either sitting there or as a fly on the wall. Thanks, I will visit your blog soon and add you in my links under erin. Or do you want to be on top?

Pdd—you are in relentless command lf your world. –But you already know that, don’t you?

Anonymous said...