Monday, October 10, 2005

Right and Wrong







The above associated drawings are imaginary drawings, pictures if you will in your mind.  You can't see them unless you tap into the infinite hologramatical universe where they are filed in the DNA of  electromagnetic pulses created by holistic bits of code.

For the following, you have to first imagine looking at a photo of a grid with black lines and white dots at each intersection of black lines.  

How many black dots can you count at any one time?
Are the black dots really there? Or do we just perceive they are there?
Perhaps the difference between right and wrong is not there either.
Perhaps we just create a perception of right and wrong to help us survive in this physical world.


Billy said...

I keeping counting the black dots, but they keep moving on me... How frustrating. I feel like using the sharpie on my monitor to make the black dots just stay there.

Anonymous said...

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HOW said...
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HOW said...

The last post was mine, I can't spell worth a shit! What I was trying to say is that I love the individual's perception of the dots used as an example for "right and wrong", and the fact that they keep changing, hmmm, how interesting. Also wanted to let you know that I have the little girl and the pussy statue in my front yard. What's WRONG about it? Ok, I lied, it isn't in the front yard. It is out by the pool!

Colleen said...

Very cool pictures Vince! Gave me a good laugh.

I love the one that says
"Clinton - the early years"!

The dot one is very cool too.

Steve said...


The Donald Duck one was wrong on many levels.

I fear commenting on other blogs right

dawn said...

OMG the dot one is driving my eyes NUTS-LOL. these picures are H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S, well,except the Donald Duck one, it's just disturbing, but a good depiction of SO WRONG :)

Vince said...

Billy—You can take a photo of it.

Anony—my dog already has a fur coat

HOW—I can’t believe you have that statue! I saw it at a friends house and thought nothing of it, but then I saw it on the net and realized it can be perceived as nasty.

Colleen—Clinton is a Classic Character.

Steve—I must be deep, ‘cause that ‘fear’ thing went right over my head.

Dusky—You know, I’m glad you found it disturbing. I did too, and almost did not post it. But then I realized someone had bought that ride for a little girl in their home who probably liked Donald, and I saw it as the most beautiful, innocent picture in the world. And I realize we can see beauty anywhere if we really want to, and try to. So right and wrong can both be there at the same time. (yeah, I know, deep)

madman said...

I rarely make my wife look at posts---I think this is the second time she has been made to look at your blog! GREAT STUFF!

Anonymous said...

feel free to come on in and check it out anytime. :)

Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

Vince ~ I love these pictures! They so crack me up! Yanno, what you were saying about seeing the beauty in the Donald Duck one...I agree with you, what I think kinda wrinkled my fur was the fact that someone took the picture with the wrong impression in mind and not taking it at face value.

Just a thought. Thanks for stopping by my blog btw, nice of you to visit.


Vince said...

Shannon--I like the blogaholic sessions. I feel like I'm in real therapy there. But since the food is pretend, why not have a different food theme each meeting to keep it interesting...Because when people read about food, they feel happier. (at least I do)