Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blue Star: Part 1

Okay, I decided to write a story as a hobby, in addition to my Monday Funny. I thought I'd post it on my blog as I write it, for those that may feel like reading sometime, and so I can read it too. I never tried to write a long story before because I have no patience, or any real writing skills. But if I do it in short parts, maybe I can hang with it. It’s fun so far, so I think I will just do it and see how it goes.

Kidd Parker was a big man with a big appetite. At six foot three and a trim 230 pounds, he found himself eating a lot. It was warm out, but he felt cool in his sleeveless black tee-shirt and blue jeans, sitting on his Harley Heritage Classic smoking a cig, and eying the attractive girl in the KFC through the window. He had already eaten at Arby’s, but now he craved a chicken sandwich, a coke, and the girl behind the counter. He put the cig out on the bottom of his boot and walked in, still wearing his shades. He took long fluid strides and moved effortlessly with animal grace. The enormous strength in his legs propelled him forward like a well tuned machine, and his confident demeanor gave him an overpowering presence.
“Hi, how can I help you?” The woman behind the counter spoke calmly, but stared at the intrusive looking customer with a hint of fear.
“Can I have a Coke and a Horny Chicken Barbeque sandwich please?”
Honey,” she corrected.
“Well, hi sugar,” he said whimsically as he leaned in with a smirk on his face, looking for a name badge, but there wasn’t any. She looked older than he would have thought for a counter girl—more his age—and that pleased him. And even in jeans and a light sweater top, she looked quite sophisticated and strikingly beautiful.
“No, I meant, it’s a Honey Chicken sandwich. Is that all for you?” She smiled, wondering why this older guy was acting like a big kid.
“No, I’d also like you to get something for yourself and meet me outside.” Kidd slapped a twenty on the counter and slowly walked backwards towards the door.
“What?” Her eyes twinkled. Now that was more like it, she thought. This is a man talking. She was used to men coming on to her, and why not, she was thirty-nine, available, and attractive. Well she had a few wrinkles around the edges, but her short sassy brown hair still graced her face, and her wide youthful smile made her look in her late twenties still.
“It’s too nice a day to be working; we’re going to the beach and you’re invited. You like the beach? “ Kidd paused.
“What? Are you kidding? Who’s we?” She did like the beach, and she loved the idea of going—but with a complete stranger? She was there at the KFC just checking up on a few things anyway--she owned the franchise, and stopped in occasionally to mosey around. And she was well off financially; she lived a comfortable life, created each day as it came, so yeah, she could do whatever she wanted to do.
“No, I’m not 'kidding', but your close, my name’s Kidd. And the ‘we’ is you and me. Come on, it’ll be fun. I’ll be waiting right out there," Kidd gestured to a point just outside the door.

One can’t do too much talking on a bike traveling 80-90 miles per hour on the freeway. But Adrian Miles felt safe clinging to Kidd on his bike. She felt a freedom she had never felt before--a freedom born from the sound of a V-twin, and the feel of the rushing wind blowing against her face. And the thunderous vibrations emanating from her seat overwhelmed her with yet another freedom that liberated her loins and tightened her clutch around Kidd. And without her permission, the vibrations and the warmth of Kidd’s closeness shattered her into a billion pieces as involuntary moans escaped her, and the raging wind penetrated her, ravished her, and became one with her and the Kidd. After three more cycles of inner explosions she became dehydrated and almost fainted.

Before Adrian could even start to think about what possessed her into going with Kidd, she found herself wrapped in a rented wet suit, paddling a double kayak in the Monterey Bay, with Kidd in back this time. She had never seen the ocean from a perspective from being on the ocean before. A seagull hovered just feet away from her head, she could almost touch it. A pelican dove into the water to her right and she could see it dive at least four feet under the water to nab a small fish. They coasted past a 30 foot long anchored metal boat, abandoned except for the six large seals basking in the sun on the deck, barking like dogs. How did they get up there? She felt another rush of freedom. And she felt an unfamiliar happiness.

Kidd powered the kayak towards a small beach landing where other kayakers were sprinkled about. A wall of rock separated the beach from small gift shops, restaurants and the main stripe, busy with tourists, bicyclists, and locals out for a good time. They beached their boat and walked up the stone steps with food on their minds--one can get pretty hungry after a few hours of kayaking. When they strolled into a small café that advertised clam chowder in a bread bowl, Adrian felt like she was in a James Bond movie. All eyes where on her and Kidd in their wet suits. She imagined that everyone was wondering who they were, and if they were thinking if she and Kidd were marine biologists or maybe secret agents on a mission.

The chowder was clammy but good, and they sat and talked about the animals and sights they’ve seen so far, and how they both smelled like salt. And Adrian could not stop looking at the Kidd. His strong arms complimented his broad shoulders and stern dimpled chin. He was hard and muscular, yet his dark hair and knowing look gave him a dignified appearance. Other than knowing that Kidd was good looking and can eat, she still didn’t know anything about him. They had only taken time for a brief exchange of names at the KFC. And Kidd had polished down his horny chicken sandwich in less than two minutes, tossed her his black leather jacket and skull cap helmet from his saddle bags, and off to the beach they went. Kidd did not even question how she could leave work on such short notice, or what such a sophisticated lady as herself was doing behind a counter at KFC in the first place.

“So what’s next Kiddo? “ Adrian finally asked, her mouth and eyes behaving more seductively than she realized. But she liked him, liked his mysteriousness, and had no intention to spoil the fun by analyzing anything at the moment. She just wanted to play and live, and feel her desire for this man grow. And get on that bike again!
“Do you like Cats?” Kidd prompted, struggling to control his own primeval desire to take Adrian in his arms right there on the table.
“I prefer dogs.”
“No, I mean the Broadway Show ‘Cats’, it’s playing tomorrow night in San Francisco. I happen to have two tickets, and you’re invited...”

…To be continued.


HOW said...

Wow, Vinnie (can I call you that?), why couldn't "Kidd" have showed up when I worked at KFC??? Maybe it's time for me to give up nursing and return to my old stomping grounds. . .but then again, in your story the girl OWNS the KFC. Guess that counts me out. Can't wait to see what happens next! (I love a good story)

Tom Naka said...

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and somehow ended up here. How that happened I don't know, however I do like your Blog a lot. Would you mind if I add your Blog to my favorites page so others can visit?

Steve said...

I don't know what's funnier, that ravished and penetrated part or the fact Tom Naka was lost when he decided to spam you.

madman said...

"Horny Chicken" I wish I had thought of thay line! I will be reading.

Colleen said...

Wouldn't it be a great world if women really could trust guys enough to go off with them just to have some fun!?!

What happens next? :)

tom naka? What a dingleberry. haha.

Mike said...

We used to work at KFC...

Vince said...

HOW--Vinnie is the norm for me. I love KFC. I can't wait to see what happens either.

Tom--Go soak in a hot tub and get a hobby.

Steve--LoL, I think your comment was funniest.

MM--You can use the Horny line...Everything here is public property.

Colleen--If I were a girl, I would have went with Kidd. You gotta imagine a REALLY good lookin' guy. And besides, we don't know yet if Adrian knows Kung-fu!!!

M&M--Damn! All this KFC talk...At least I know where I'm going to eat lunch today.