Wednesday, July 27, 2005

VIBES: The magnificent OBE

I experienced my first Out of Body Experience (OBE) at age 17. I had been reading a comic called ‘Doctor Strange’, which featured a mystic superhero who could Astral Project. I was so intrigued by this that I wanted to do it too. I must have been thinking about it a lot, so it was fresh in my subconscious, because it happened. But I was not prepared for it, and did not even know what to expect. I documented the following in my journal on July 11, 1978:

"It happened, my God it happened. I was awakened by a strong and powerful force. A vibration. My body was caught in an unknown wrath. It felt like my whole body was being electrocuted except there was no pain. It was like God was giving me a full body massage—like every atom of my body was vibrating. My mind was awake. Fear was very strong in these few moments of vibration (approx. 30 seconds). I thought I was dead or dying. I was afraid. The most fearful thing that I have ever experienced. I could not move. I called for my cat "Misty" countless numbers of times, but no sound came out. I could not move. All I could do was fear and struggle in my mind for this force to stop."

"The vibrations got stronger and the high pitch sharp tone that is a constant visitor to my ears became so loud, almost unbearable as if it were amplified 10 times its normal volume. I was scared. I knew this was not normal. I did not know if I were dead or alive, but all I thought about was trying to get back to my normal state of being. As I was calling to Misty I could swear I could see the room in front of me (was it real or memory?) As the powerful wrath held me, my ears pounding with its own high tone, the physical world entered my ears and moments after I could see through the slight opening in my eyelids. The sound of the cars on the freeway became a dominant sound in my ears as if it too, became amplified 10 times. (The inner sound was still louder than the freeway noise.) Then the powerful vibrations stopped, as suddenly as it started. I opened my eyes, heard misty groan, and just laid there on my side for a while, thinking, afraid to move."

I did not actually ‘leave’ my body, but I knew the ‘Vibes’ had to be the gateway to OBEs. I did not know they were called OBEs at the time, but I went to the library and looked up Astral Projection (no computers back then.) I discovered that others had experienced OBEs and there were books on the subject. I read all I could find on the subject. And I learned that the vibrations (I call them Vibes) were indeed the key. Two months later in September I had two OBEs. In October I had five. And between 1978 and 2005 I’ve had thousands.

I learned meditation techniques to help induce the Vibes. I learned how to concentrate on keeping the Vibes active, and making them stronger by controlling them, and making them pulsate from head to toe. I lifted my Astral hand. I lifted out of my body. I’ve explored my room, passed through walls and flew through my neighborhood. The sensation of the Vibes is magnificent. The sensation of floating out of your physical body is extraordinary. It’s a fucking blast and I’m still not used to the Vibes—it’s simply not normal. That is why I never told anyone about it until 1994 when I wrote a small publication on it. I was afraid people would think I was a freak. And this is the first time since 1994 that I am blogging about it. Now I don’t care what people think, and people are more open minded now anyway. I tried it all: The umbilical cord thing; the light at the end of the tunnel thing; the near death thing; (when I was near death) the talking to dead relatives thing; the OBE without vibrations thing; the reading the book while in astral form thing; the visiting friends in their room across town thing; the touching other people thing; the visiting past and future thing; the having sex with other astral projectors thing—female astral projectors of course, I am an out of the closet heterosexual; the flying to other planets thing; the diving into the ground thing; the flying to heaven thing; and the healing yourself with the Vibes thing.

But I could never prove to myself for a certainty that I was really leaving my body. I would put a playing card behind my speaker without looking at it, and then I would go to sleep. When I left my body I would take a look at the card in my astral form and remember it. Then when I woke up I would check the card. I never got it right. So for a while, I believed the whole OBE thing was just a Super Charged Lucid Dream on Steroids (SCLDS)—see my post about SCLDs for more info on this. And I believed the room I was seeing, the neighborhood, and the friends were only recreated in my mind from memory, so it only seemed real.

My theory changed when I started having precognitive dreams, precognitive day-dreams, precognitive lucid dreams and precognitive OBEs. Psychic dreams man. I could see the future. Now this is one mind blowing reality. And I’ve had hundreds. And they always freak me out and amaze me. I’ve used them to win at the race tracks, the stock market, and a couple of weeks ago, the slot machines. But I’m not filthy rich because I can’t control when or what I can foresee. But I can without a doubt in my mind, see the future in my dreams. Now what does this mean? This means that there must be a dimension where past, present and future all coexist simultaneously. And I can tap into this dimension. And my belief is that if I can do it, anyone can—because I refuse to believe I am any more special or any less special than anyone else. This OBE thing has made me feel that everyone is connected and just one large entity. It has made me happy for life, no matter what tragedies and trials I must face. And no matter when the ultimate tragedy we all face will happen. (The death of loved one and death of self) Because I know that even in death, we still exist, because we are all so much more than what our physical senses reveal to us.

So how does this explain why I believe OBEs are for real? Well if you think about it, when you leave your physical body, you obviously perceive the world using different senses that you possess in the physical world. So with an OBE, you exist in a different dimension that occupies the same space, a cross dimensional reality. You can throw the rules of the physical world that you experience with your conscious mind out the window. And if you think about it, you are actually out of your body at any given moment already anyway. Just think about the infinite universe. It is as infinite outwards as it is inwards. Think of cutting a pencil in half. And keep cutting the halves in half. And when you are down to the atoms, cut them in half. And notice it never ends. Each of us holds an infinite universe within our own bodies. We each hold all the infinite wisdom of everything that ever lived and ever will live.

Most of us cannot comprehend this because we rely on our physical senses to determine what reality is. We rely on our physical senses to survive. But the truth is our physical senses only allow us to see, hear, taste, smell, and touch only a very small part of reality.

We all have suppressed or underdeveloped Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) capabilities. Some of us have some measure of active ESP capabilities. That is what an OBE is; it is an ESP, a form of clairvoyance that allows one to ‘see’ with a sixth sense, or third eye. . Maybe you don’t believe in ESP. Well I do. My precognition dreams are ESPs too; the ability to ‘see’ into the future. And the money I’ve made is testimony to this ESP. My mom uses ESP but does not talk about it. One night my mom was awakened from her sleep by the sound of her friend calling her for help, a sound that was in her mind. Her friend was at home 15 miles away having a stroke. My mom called 911 and told them to go to her friend’s house, and that she was in trouble. Her friend later remembered calling out to my mom in her mind. (She could not talk during the stroke) My mom saved her life. This is an ESP called mental telepathy; the ability to read minds. And her friend’s life is their testimony of ESP. And my mom ‘knows’ when I am in trouble. And she knows it is ESP but never elaborates on the subject. I’ve seen her move silverware, and break rice bowls with her mind. This ESP is called psychokinesis or PK; the ability to move/control objects with the mind. My sister is actively practicing psychic healing, psychic readings, and performs regressions into past lives. This ESP is called total weirdness, the ability to do weird things for people. (I’m sorry, I think this is just weird and don’t know the official term for it—maybe psychic? I tease her and call her psycho or telepathetic.) But her customers and those that have been healed by her are testimony to this ESP capability. I think ESP is something that runs in our family. I don’t know what powers my brother has—maybe all that dope in the seventies messed up his mind.

My sister and I can read auras. We just talked about it one day and found out we each do it. We looked at our father and we both saw a bright green aura, something I’ve never seen before. My sister said that meant something was wrong with his body and it was actively trying to heal itself. I just use aura reading when I travel by air. If I ever see people with black auras, then that means impending death. So I will get off the plane along with anyone else who chooses to believe me. This is not an ESP, because anyone can do it with their own eyes if they know what to look for, but I thought I would mention it.

The bottom line is I now believe OBEs are for real. And they are very fun, and worth talking about. And I believe that with practice, anyone can enjoy the OBE/ESP, and that it is something inherent in all of us. You know, like we all have a brain. Sometime soon, I’ll post a guideline on how anyone can have an OBE.


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