Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sausalito Bay

It started when I opened my eyes and found myself neck deep in water. The water felt cool and I floated on my back for a while before wading out towards the center of what appeared to be a small and quaint bay. The feeling was tranquil as I swam alone, twisting into a side stroke and then switching back into a smooth forward glide. Daylight was fading and I scanned across the shoreline admiring the hilly, green canvass that reached for the horizon. I felt a soft night breeze brush my face as the water rose and fell around me splashing lightly across my brow. Then I realized there were several yachts quietly anchored, and sprinkled about as if an artist had placed them there in the exact right positions to appear enchantingly beautiful in the fading light. Some of the boats glowed with distant flickering lights as if to mark a time for romance at sea. I looked closely at one boat and then swam to the stern with an unusual desire to board.

I pulled myself onto the boat and landed on a wooden deck. I found myself wearing a short black bikini type pair of swim shorts that seemed to dry almost immediately. I possessed an impressive muscular body with noticeably rippled stomach muscles that seemed to wave at the wind much like the sea around the boat.

I guessed the boat to be at least forty feet in length and I searched through the cabin entrance towards the bow of the boat. My eyes caught the figure of a woman with short blond hair starring back at me from the far end of the darkened cabin. She was leaning against a table and did not seem alarmed at all by my sudden appearance. I sensed that she was alone and my eyes caught her loose white blouse that hung down just far enough to cover her breasts. My eyes grasped her beautiful tanned body and followed her firmness far down past the curve of her belly onto a black mini skirt that yielded to a pair of slender legs parted in a manner that made my skin crawl. Her glassy hazel eyes were frozen as I gracefully glided towards her. "Who are you?” she said, “Are you a salesman?--a lawyer?--a life insurance agent?" Her voice pierced my brain and I felt the heat of her body penetrate my flesh. "What do you want me to be?" I said casually after pausing a moment. "Rock hard!" She said, her soft voice caressing the air like a midnight drizzle. Those words, flowing from those lips, and the way her eyes narrowed while her head tilted slightly made me feel as though a warm bottle of water had exploded in my chest. Not a further word was spoken as she took my hand and gracefully led me down the steps into the bedroom. We gently exchanged exploring caresses, and touched and kissed and stared into each others eyes. She melted into my arms. She was brail and I was a blind man. And I read her from front to back not missing a single word or punctuation or meaning.

Later, we came back outside onto the deck to watch the moon spray misty light into the dark night. We made love again. I held her close from behind and made each thrust as slow and deep as we both could endure. She quivered in my arms and tightly griped the rail as I increased the pace of her torment. I fell in love with the soft sighs that escaped from her lips as her head jolted upwards in rhythm. I buried my face in her silky blond hair and thought about how I would soon have to leave her, and never see her again…

The trouble with lucid dreaming is you can’t control the beginning or end. And when you wake up, a part of you wants to go back, but you can’t. Just like in real life, when you die, you can’t go back. I’ve been a master of the lucid dream for most of my life. And I make the most of each adventure. So too should you in life. Make the most of it now, because you can’t go back. I recommend living life over the lucid dream, but if you want to try it yourself, do some research on it. I am able to induce a lucid dream at will, just by wanting to have one, and telling myself before I go to sleep that I want one. The same basic technique works if you want to explore the Out of Body experience (OBE). Except in addition to wanting to do it, it helps to use meditation techniques…But that’s another subject.

When you get good at it, you can have premonitions in your dreams. That’s where it gets freaky because you can see the future--where dream world overlaps with the ‘real’ world.

…If only I asked her name. The thought occurred to me that she may have been a real person having her own lucid dream! What a blast if that’s true.


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