Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Superheros Part 2

After the commotion stopped, I flew out of hiding and down to the front of the building where there were like 20 black vans and cars and a bunch of guys I assumed were all ‘good’ guys. I guessed maybe they were CIA or the equivalent. These guys did not see me, and one guy even walked right through me before I could move away. There were five bad guys lying dead and scattered around the front entrance. One guy was pretty mangled and looked like he fell from a high place. The superheroes and the ninjas were not around. One of the CIA guys identified the bodies and came across one he referred to as the “Catch of the Day.”

The ‘Chief’ looked at the catch and said, “Great, we got what we came for. Forget the others inside and clear out these bodies. Let’s move out!” He turned to one of the CIA guys and ordered him to call at least five different agencies whose acronyms I did not recognize. He told him to find out which one was responsible for releasing whatever weapon it was the killed the five bad guys. I was thinking it had to be the superheroes or the ninjas, because I did not do anything.

After I watched them dump the bodies into the vans and drive off, I realized that I really had to take a piss. So I entered the building to look for a bathroom. The first room was medium sized and there was smoke, broken boards, bullet holes and broken glass. And I noticed three or four dead bodies near the windows. I passed the room into a hallway and found a bathroom on the left. I unbuckled and unzipped. Darn, this means I will probably wake up soon. Just then, I heard footsteps and saw a man running past the bathroom door. He was a bad man in a white shirt with a shoulder holster swinging as he ran. I zipped up before I actually peed, thinking I can still prolong the dream. So I followed him. He went upstairs to a larger brightly lit room joined by another large room. There were about 15 bad guys there, and the holster guy was there at a table talking hysterically to five of them. The others were scattered about, some of them nursing wounds.

A woman came out from another room, probably the kitchen. She walked up closer to me and said, “Who the hell is he?” Everyone looked around confused—they could not see me, only the women could see me. She looked down at my crouch with my belt still unbuckled, and I grabbed her right breast. I know this was wrong, but she had cleavage. They were comfortably large and heaving, and sticking out of her blouse, and I did not have all my wits—it was a dream for goodness sakes. So I grabbed her breast and she screamed. Then she pointed at me and shouted, “ge…get him!” Everyone's eyes darted in my direction, there faces still sporting confused looks. I panicked and flew through the wall behind me.

I ended up in a dark room. There was a big guy facing down on the bed wearing a wife-beater tee shirt. I saw a door and flew to it, but it was a closet with just a bunch of suits hanging around. Darn, I had to take a piss really bad. I came out of the closet and saw the bedroom door open, and several bad guys were running down the hall towards me. Damn, I really gotta piss. I flew to the ceiling and tried to fly threw it but got stuck. It was gooey and I was loosing my powers. The bad guys were almost to the room, and I had to take a piss soooo bad. I knew this was the end of the dream, and I would never get a chance to find out what would happen next. Sometimes after waking up from a loud noise, I can go right back to sleep and continue my lucid dream, but not if I have to take a piss…

I woke up, opened my eyes, and then headed straight to the bathroom…But when I got there, the lady with the big breasts was sitting on my toilet looking at me with evil eyes! Damn, stupid dream is not over yet, and scaring me to death. Finally, I wake up for real this time and cautiously head for the toilet. Coming Soon: “VIBES: The magnificent OBE”


Zataod said...

You have some great examples of lucid dreams. I've had a few myself, but not with the kind of regularity I would like. I hope you keep posting your dreams.

Vince said...

I think most people think about real life issues or day-dream about fun things as they wait for sleep. But if you really want to increase the chance of having a lucid dream, it takes some measure of effort. When I first heard about lucid dreaming I thought it was a great thing. I tried and tried, and every night I wished that I would “wake up” in a dream. And finally one night it happened. The ‘effort’ is that you have to keep thinking about having one as you fall asleep. And you have to sacrifice day-dreams and real life issue thoughts to do this. So if you have a busy life like I do, you may not want to spend your time to put in the effort. The last couple of lucid dreams I had were spontaneous, but my thought is that I had the idea of a lucid dream fresh in my subconscious, and that was enough to trigger it. Happy dreams!