Monday, July 25, 2005

Superheros Part 1

A lucid dream is where you wake-up and become conscious in a dream, like the Sausalito Bay sample I wrote earlier. And usually you just follow the story line of your dream in progress, with the power to control what you do and where you go. A Super Charged Lucid Dream (SCLD) is something I kind of came across on my own, because I’ve never read about it anywhere. This is where you wake up ‘before’ you have a dream, so you can control what kind of story-line you want to play with. Using an SCLD, I’ve swam with whales, walked with dinosaurs, explored other planets, drank water from a puddle in a dark jungle with a white tiger, and had wonderful (consensual) sex with strange women. You know, if I see a good looking ‘dream’ girl, I just ask if I can force myself on them, and they usually say yes. If they say ‘no’, then I walk or fly away.

The point is, an SCLD can be more fun than a regular lucid dream. And I started having SCLDs because I did not want to waste half of my life just sleeping. So I figured a way to have a blast when I sleep.

Last night, I woke up at that critical time when you are in a state between sleep and wakefulness. You can tell when you are in this state because your physical body is paralyzed and you can’t move. Your body has a built in mechanism that protects you from getting hurt by releasing a chemical that paralyzes you and prevents you from physically acting out your dreams. You may notice your sense of hearing is amplified in this state also. It is in this state where you can launch an Out of Body Experience (OBE) and actually leave you physical body (for me this requires control of what I call ‘Vibes’, which is a strong feeling of vibrations) or you can launch an SCLD. Last night, I did not get control of the ‘Vibes’, so I just settled for an SCLD.

I rolled over on my stomach and pushed up out of my body until I bounced off the ceiling. In an OBE you will ‘see’ your own room and be physically removed from your body and ‘see’ via your minds eye. In this case I just had the sensation of being Out of Body, but in reality everything was happening in my mind, so the room I ended up in was just some dream room. Once I can fly around the room, I have some time to decide what kind of dream I want. If I want to have an SCLD under water, for example, I just think about it, the pass through a wall to find myself underwater. In this case, I just left it up to chance as to where I would end up, so I did not ‘think’ of a theme. I just flew through the wall and out into the night air of a normal looking city. It’s a weird feeling to fly through windows/walls and such because it’s a sensation not normally experienced.

I decided to fly up high, until I came upon an alley below where two dogs were running. I flew in for a closer look and the dogs saw me and began barking and tried to nip at my feet, but I flew back up way out of their range.

I proceeded to through the city to see if I could find anything interesting to write in my blog. To my right, I heard some commotion and saw the flashing of light. I decided to take a look, so I flew in that direction. I looked below on a building top and spotted two figures crouched down—they were dressed in a blue and green superhero looking costumes, and looked like they were about to do something.

I flew down behind the female superhero and said, “You guys need some help?”

They turned and looked around like they could not see me, so I said, “You can’t see me?”

And the female said, no but we can hear you.”

I said, “Oh. Well, could you use some help?”

The male superhero said, “Sure, we need to have the floors cleared.”

I said, “What do you mean?” and he said, “You know, we need the floors cleared floor by floor. “

I asked him, “Okay, do you want me to start at the bottom or the top?” But before he could answer, I heard a noise on the other side of the building and told them to wait there a minute. So I flew around to the other side and saw four figures hiding behind some outcrops on the roof. They were dressed in black and looked like a cross between ninjas and commandos.

I flew up behind them and said, “Are you guys with the super heroes on the other side?”

They all turned in my direction and the one closest to me looked at me and said, “Who are you?”

I asked, “You can see me?”

“Yeah.” He said matter-of-factly, and pointing to the guy on his right continued, “So can he, but the others can’t see you.”

“And you’re not bothered by the way that I’m just floating out here like this?”


“Oh.” I said, but before I could continue all hell broke loose. There were alarms and gunshots and lights and the ninjas just dropped from their positions down their ropes. And I heard one of them shout, “They're on to us!” And I just hid behind a wall until all the commotion stopped. You know I feared for my life. I mean, in hindsight, I could have just flown away, or protected myself with a force field, or just willed myself invincible, but sometimes even in a lucid dream, you get caught up in the action and don’t think of these things. I mean it all happened so fast. Occasionally I will lose my lucidity in a dream, but I knew I was still lucid because I was thinking, what kind of stupid dream am I in anyway? And I have died in lucid dreams before, but merely brought myself back to life. But non-the-less, I hate dying—it feels terrible. So I hid like the invincible coward I am.

Anyway, I have to go now, so I will continue this story in my next post…


madman said...

I did LSD in the seventies--experienced a lot of the same stuff.

Vince said...

LOL.. In the seventies, I saw a guy crash through a second story glass window while on LSD, thinking he could fly. I ought to go to SCLD rehab before things get out of hand.