Monday, January 14, 2013


Vince Parker Photo of Painting

I bought this painting...

I just like to look at it.  The atmosphere is kind of melancholy, and alien.  It's in a different time and different place than I am right now.  I would love to be in that place, in the painting, and find out where everybody is headed to.  A train station?  A horse race?  

But I like any kind of painting better than photos.  Why?  Well here are some reasons: 

  • If a painting is of a beautiful woman, I can stare at it for hours without being labeled a pervert...I'll be an artisan instead.
  • A painting speaks to my creative side more; like I can look at a photo of a car and say, "cool".  But a 'painting' of a car will trigger my mind into a whirlwind of possibilities, and I will end up saying, "Yeah Baby!"
  • I can hang paintings of people on my wall.  Doing that with photos, and my friends will think I'm a stalker or a freak!
  • No way would I hang a photo of my cat on the wall!
  • A painting lasts longer and does not rip easily.
  • My paintings may sell for hundred's of thousands of dollars in 50 years, and my photo's, well, they'd end up in a shoe box. 
  • I can take a picture of my painting...Who takes pictures of pictures?
  • A painting tells a whole story.  A photo of the same thing just takes a snapshot in time.
  • I've dreamed of paintings...Never have I dreamed of a photo. 
  • It's harder for someone to steal my painting, then it would be to steal my photo from the internet.
  • My cat can sit down in front of a painting and enjoy it.  But the photos she just walks over them like they're some obstacles.   


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