Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nagasaki Sara Udon

This photo right here features a plate of Nagasaki sara udon.  

Only a comparative few have ever seen such a thing before, let alone have had a chance to eat it.  

Um, nobody even knows about this blog, but if it were a popular blog, then only one or two people out of like 300 million will have actually tasted this flavor-filled ensemble of delight. 

It is a rare dish indeed that can command a comparable level of anticipation as the Nagasaki sara udon.  

A dish such as this is the supreme analogy of a sexy woman.  I mean, we can look at her, smell her, and imagine her;  but to truly experience a sexy woman, one must taste her delicately.  One does not simply engulf a dish like this with wanton haste.  One saviors every centimeter with lingering mouthfuls of melting succulence.  

Okay engulfing it is fun too, but just try to eat it slow sometimes.  You know, if you happen to be the one in 300 million who ever even get close enough to one of these things to feel its exotic steam caressing your moistened lips.


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