Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dakota Burning

The photo above is that of a sperm as seen through a common microscope. You can‘t really see it because it is too small, and I did not have an electron microscope handy.
The following is a script for a play entitled, “ Dakota Burning “
CHARACTERRS: South Dakota Legislature (SDL); Rape Victim (RV)
LOCATION: South Dakota Discovery Court of Humanity

SDL: As your entrusted servants and protectors, we will be passing a new law making abortion a crime even in circumstances of rape.
RV: So if I kill this sperm, then it is murder?
SDL: Yes.
RV: But people kill billions of sperm every time they use a condom and billions more with spermicidal jelly (Chemical weapon of mass destruction) How about that?
SDL: Murdering sperm is allowed, as long as it does not reach home base. That is if it reaches the egg, then it attains diplomatic immunity and becomes human. So if you kill it on home base, then it is murder and you get 5 years in prison.
RV: But South Dakota has the death penalty for murder, it seems this sperm is not given equal consideration as other humans, this is discrimination.
SDL: You are correct; we will make sure the law is changed so that if you kill said sperm, then the penalty is death.
RV: But this sperm is unwanted and if left in will shatter my life and my family’s lives, while the Devil rapist only gets two years prison out on parole in one? You’re telling me if I rip out this hell spawned sperm that no one can even see, an invisible Demon seed that was forcibly injected into me without my consent in a brutal violent rape, then it will be a crime, and you will have the right to hunt me down and murder me?
SDL: As your entrusted protector and servant, absolutely, and in addition to murdering you, we also reserve the right to call you a dirty filthy whore.
RV: But these rules are terrible: I’m allowed to murder all the sperm I want, unless it has reached home base. Then you’re allowed to call me names, and murder me for murdering an invisible sperm? I don’t know if murder is right or wrong anymore. I feel helpless, I feel as though I want to take up arms and revolt against you.
SDL: Precisely why we also have designs to ban guns and render you completely powerless to act against us in such a manner. Of course, we ourselves will retain our right to bear arms.
RV: But you must have mercy! At least give me a fighting chance like you did for the invisible sperm. At least allow me the same consideration as the demon sperm, and give me a home base that gives me immunity from your murderous death hunt.
SDL: Seems fair enough, so in all good will, as your protectors and servants, we will christen Abortion clinics as your home base for immunity.
RV: Thank you kind sirs. So if I and all women of South Dakota become certified abortionists, then we can make every home in our state an Abortion clinic. And we can perform home abortions, and be immune to your death hunts. Correct?
SDL: Technically, yes…
RV: So why even bother with this law you really can’t enforce?
SDL: We don’t have to.
RV: What do you mean?
SDL: We will simply outsource our police staff to mercenaries from the United Arab Emirates, who will have diplomatic immunity to kill you for us, home base or not!
RV: Scumbags!
SDL: As your humble protectors and servants, we will always find a way to punish you, hunt you down, and kill you where you sleep.


Steve said...

You should post this on Bring It On

Vince said...

Steve--Then I'll be put on some black list in the Patriot Act Watch Vault.