Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas with half a heart

The water planet by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

The eyes see white
and the lungs and skin feel the cold.

A pocket of fire soothes the blight
and chestnuts simmer in their leathery hold

The beat of my heart holds me tight
under sounds of wood crackling bold.

And the memories of you, smiling with all your might.
Have you tasted the smell of cold?

The chestnuts are little hearts.

A heart shaped mold
of icy tears grip my face tight.

Life is magic so I am told
but fear and sadness are winning the fight.

We are together in our snow globe
but still you are far from sight.

Have you tasted the smell of cold
and held on with all your might?

You are my savior, my little heart.

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