Thursday, April 13, 2006


Australia by lednichenkoolga on flickr
I’m headed off to Australia to lead an excursion party of renowned butterfly hunters in search of the famous Belenois Invisibilis (Invisible Butterfly)-- So I’ll be back in a few weeks. My journey will take me to the largest remaining sub-tropical rain forest in the world—The Australian “outback”.
Transparent butterfly by Young in Panama on flickr

The transparent butterfly seen here is a direct descendant of Belenois Invisibilis, which roam the outback near the forest floor. 

Where there are transparent butterflies, there are Belenois Invisibilis’.
The only known photo of an invisible butterfly is seen here on this flower. One has never been taken into captivity. I hope to capture one towards the end of my expedition because their lifespan is only 5 days, and I want to show it off while it’s still alive.
Purple flower by aldenchadwick on flickr

It will be a tough hunt, because they are 99% invisible. Only their food and feces are visible, so we will be tracking their droppings, which are rather small, about the size of this dot (.)

I am equipped with a magnifying glass, butterfly net, safari gear and saddle bags, and my Crocodile Dundee outfit (I want to look cool in case I run into Jungle Jane in the bush.) I will meet my team at 0600 hours Sunday, and after a boiled egg breakfast to celebrate Easter, we will begin our journey.

I plan to sell my bounty on eBay, and donate the proceeds to my 'lint louse' expedition fund (my next project.) Wish me luck, and bon voyeurism!


RocksAndChairs said...

For some strange reason i just think that's a picture of a flower and there's no invisible butterfly on it...

Dawn said...

are you back yet?????


Dawn said...

how 'bout now?



Colleen said...

Very interesting Vince. The pic of that butterfly is amazing.

Colleen said...

Darn! You aren't back yet. I miss ya Vince.

mar said...

Can't see the butterfly, only the beautiful flower...let me know when you are back, this has caught my attention. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier this month, I was gone (not in Australia, though!)

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Bro... get off'n yer butt and start postin' again! (crack!)

heh... love ya man... Blog ON!

Vince said...

Rock--Use your imagination.

Dawn--I'm always here. In this one big room we share called the Earth. I never left. Just went to another part of the room.

Colleen--Like I said, I was always here in this big room we share. No "missing" needed...No time for that anyway with all the fun stuff we have to do in life. Life as you might have guessed, is just one long day.

Mar--I'll have to visit your blog to see what's up. I came back to tons of catch-up work that's kept me busy so far this week though...

GTL--I've been trying to post, but your blog takes up all of my allocated blog time :)

Anonymous said...

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